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Irv Katz has won Inside Business Magazine's "Best IT Guy" in NE Ohio for 2007


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Irv Katz is your local computer service expert (but a horrible web designer):

Irv is Case educated with a B.A. in English and a minor in Computer Science: Irv holds a WSOM Master's degree in Information Systems Management: Irv is totally dedicated to the great City of Cleveland and has lived here since 1990: Irv has set up countless wireless networks for home users and for businesses: Irv has serviced Windows systems since the early 90's and knows all the tricks: Irv has maintained Linux environments for numerous businesses: Irv has implemented the latest Apple technologies: Irv has hosted a tech-talk radio show, still owns a Commodore 64, and has a beard:
Of all things, Irv is a communicator first. He speaks your language. Irv is qualified to handle all of your business computing needs. Build a lasting relationship with Irv; he's been here, he'll be here. Let Irv set up your wireless network for safe, secure Internet access. Irv is a bonafide miracle worker with Windows systems. Irv can introduce you to a whole world of free software. Irv can help you take advantage of all of Apple's great products. Irv talks the talk and he walks the walk; he is a total geek.

Rates Well Below Industry Averages

Irv can help with just about anything technology-related... except he cannot design websites... but he'll find you someone who can!

Serving the Greater Cleveland Area

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